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CTD on animation startup

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So i never had a problem with any mod here except when i was new to sexlab.At that time i didnt know how to run fnis inside mod organizer.

So every mod i ever downloaded here has worked nicely until now.

I am using SOS full and XPMS Extended

Sexlab Framework 159

Sexlab Aroused

Sexlab Matchmaker

Sexlab cumshot

FNIS 5.1

A hell lot of mods

I use loot and mod organizer.I have done this more than 50 times without crash.

Everything is same.Sexlab framework and all other mod register in MCM menu.

No error in loot or anywhere whatsoever.

but when the animation starts or suppose to start i get ctd.

previosly i was on windows 8 now i am on windows 7 SP1 Ultimate



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