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fnis problems


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for some reason fnis is causing trouble


Reading o3dzazERROR(2011): OLD FNIS version? Wrong line in Animation List, line  22 (..\..\meshes\actors\character\animations\o3dzaz\FNIS_o3dzaz_List.txt):  fu wallshackle01 idleshackled.hkx idleshackled.hkx idleshackledexit.hkx



thing is i downloaded the fnis 5.1.1 i even then installed the 5.2 for expert users and modders but it still is causing troubles it happened after i downloaded the bondage furniture now sexlab wont work due to it saying fnis is old which is bull since it was working before then

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"o3dDeviceBondage v06b Spelldriven 08302013.7z" is an outdated version of my mod.


Please use "xo3dBF-test-2014-004-fix2.7z" from my Download page....






Argh.... i think i have to remove that old package...




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