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Mod managing [Help]


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So I have downloaded atleast 500 mods for skyrim if not more and managing them, renaming them, and organizing them. That's alright except only when there's an update I can't rely on the "Track this mod" feature on nexus. So I wanna ask you guys, what do you guys use? nexus mod manager? wrye bash? or something else?


Also I didn't use NMM just because I like to input my my mods manually so I don't get as many errors as to using NMM and I'm sure half of my mods aren't from Nexus.

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folder naming is a pain in the ass

I have started taking screen shots

and then saving it within that armors folder.


that way I dont have to remember its name

I just do a *.jpg search and find the armor

that way


and as far as keeping them updated,

only a few mods that i care if it gets updated

except for the mods listed here on LL

and word of mouth err I mean text of keyboard

keeps me updated

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There is NOTHING wrong with using NMM. I find that not using it causes more issues THAN using it. Also check in each folder afer installing. Some modders are idiots and compress rar mods within mods and they end up not installing properly. NMM is only so smart. I myself use quite abit of mods as well and am going to rename them so I know exactly what they are. Russian and Chinese mods can be abit dodgy because they don't give them any name that makes sense to US :)


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