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From Skyrim - Fallout : Need some help with Modding FONV


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Note : I've posted this in the Nexus : Fallout : New Vegas Forum, but it seems that most people ignore it for obvious reasons. So please bare with me!


Hello and it's my First time in this Forum of Fallout : New Vegas . I recently jumped here after finishing Skyrim (Yes!, After 285 Drooling hours of playing it's Quests, clearing almost everything i see & killing Nazeem i finally finished the game... well except for falskaar, and some realization on what i'm doing with my life... ) i want to Try FONV. Since i played a Modded Skyrim i thought modding FONV would be the same, well turns out there are some differentials between modding Skyrim & Fallout : New Vegas.


So i want to ask the Modding community HERE if i could ask for a few advise on what Mods are good to install and use together.

I mean i've done some custom merge patch on my Skyrim but not on Fallout, also i've already downloaded some top-downloaded Mods here Most of them from the Top Files Category, but i'm quite confused on how this mods work compatible with other Mods that does the same function on Fallout, downloading compatibility patches, 4GB FONV & FNVSE & FOMM.


So i'm quite the stupid in modding a new game that i haven't touched or played for quite some time now, so please i need some help / scolding on Modding Fallout : New Vegas.

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