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Loading Screens CTD


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I am having a big problem after I install some mods from here and Nexus. 


Happens ramdonly, and I really can't explain why. When I load a save from the main menu, some times (most of them) the game crash and back to the desktop. I use the Mod Organizer for most of the mods, I have FINIS, BOSS, LOOT, ENB with the memory set to 512, I used everything and nothing, many times I load the last save and the game crash. It is true, I install many mods, but until now I see no problem in the fps, it keeps in 30.


I already tried to delete the last mods I added and when I add other, the same thing happens. The strange is that is only on loading saves from main menu, I can install all the mods and play the game easy in new game, the problem is when I save and exit, many times I try to load and it crash. For some reason, until now the last save, I will try to keep played by the second last. 


Please help. If you want I can post a complete list of what I use. For you check for inconsistences. 

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as you describe it its a common issue with heavy modded games like mine and many other users to. Too fix it start a new game or load a game in a small cell and after that load the savegame you want to play.

I personally use live another live and load a savegame in the prison cell you start in and then load my main savegame, but any other small cell should do it to.

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Hey yours is old like mine! :3 I sometimes (now very rarely get it with the memory skse thing) It's all down to the script intensive mods you have. I'll start to get it if I leave my SweetFX turned on while loading, as soon as I hit scroll lock it starts to load right up. It's just something that happens with heavily modded games. If you've got lots of armors you can merge them with tes5edit to help pull down the load time, and optimizing your textures. And picking and choosing between which heavy scripted mods you have. I really, really wanted interesting npc's and all that with duel sheathe redux but my system just bottlenecks up and kaboom!... But anyway


Also, if you open the console and coc qasmoke on the menu screen you can load straight in and load from there. (that method also helps to see if you're actually having issues or if it's just scripts piling on top of each other in your save and getting confused)

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You need this script for it http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/37981/?


And he's got a pretty damn good tutorial. Read everything, seriously because you can mess up stuff. Thankfully it backs up your mods when it does it so if you do mess up (I have while learning) You can fix it pretty easy peasy. I've found things like race menu overlays really don't like being merged. But I have merged 90% of my armors into 4 merged esp's.


For cleaning use this http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/52363/?


It's the simplest one, and also creates backups in case you muck something up.

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