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Cbbe,Tbbp and HDT


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Can someone explained how to install this textures corectly and make the collision work proprely, cuz i cant figured it at all.Id apreciate step by step if thats possible, or if there is topic on how to install them , id like to know , if thats oke ^^'. :angel:

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Textures have nothing to do with HDT. Textures are the pictures painted on the mesh.



The mesh is what holds the HDT data, so you need a special mesh that allows HDT and a skeleton that supports HDT. TBBP is also built into the mesh just like HDT...


To get TBBP to work you just need a skeleton and the mesh. So installing TBBP clothing or a TBBP body with the correct skeleton will do it. (Skeleton)


To get HDT to work you need the Skeleton, the body/clothing, AND HDT.



The order shouldn't matter since they touch different assets. Just make sure other things are not overwriting the HDT body, or the skeleton.



Want more detail? Try http://www.loverslab.com/topic/28507-how-to-install-hdt-step-1-click-this-an-overly-descriptive-tutorial/


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