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Hello, nice to meet you all

Gayton Kerslut

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Hello, I've been banned (even via IP) from the Nexus and nexus forums in general for something I don't fully understand. sounds bad right? Well it's due to the antics of my roommate and the fact that administrators over there are Nazis. So here I am after trecking through the internet to find a new community for mods. I increased my roommate's rent as punishment and this is my new source of Skyrim mods and pervy stuff ;)


so, here I am. Hello community, nice to meet you. Not a fantastic introduction but I figured a true story might be more interesting than the standard hello. And I promise to make sure this account on this forum stays out of the wrong hands. Instead this account was created by my very own wrong hands, only these ones don't intend to do things that get me banned.


Nice to meet you all.

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Hey welcome in! sorry about Nexus Nazies..we know about them :)


I am newish here too, great place and wonderful mods and mod work for both Oblvion and Skyrim, Skyrim still a bit buggy but as the CK is fixed and things settle down that will be great too i hear.



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