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I'm trying to get rid of this white face bug that happens in daylight whether in the sun or shade.  Everything is fine inside buildings or at night.  As you can see, in the shade the face isn't just whiter, but it gives off a bit of a glow.








I've been spending the last two days in mod organizer shifting mods around , not just the load order but the mod list order on the left but nothing has changed the face in daylight bug.  At this point, I don't think it is a load order problem, I'm thinking a critical file might be missing.  It also doesn't seem to be an ENB problem because it applies whether the ENB is on or off.


Thank you.

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OMG! So often the act of asking others my question seems to clear up whatever is blocking me from seeing the solution.


All I had to do was change my complexion.  Apparently the bug came from changing to a custom race, the custom race had custom complexions.  So all I had to do was change complexion and the face reset.


So if someone else has a white face bug with a custom race, maybe suggest changing complexions.

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