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[Help] Somewhat functioning sexlab mods but having some hiccups


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Hi guys, sorry if my questions have been posted before ( I did run a search before posting)

I've just started using sexlab and a couple of mods, namely

- Sexlab Framework

- Sexlab Arousal

- Death alternative (sexlab version)

- SoS main

- Lover's Victim

- Sexlab TDF Prostitution


Complete load order (index on right side)




Here are some issues I'm currently facing.

- Schlongs appear as a flat colored stick, and often gets stretched out in weird polygon-like shapes.

- No animation for the mouth so characters stab faces with schlongs instead

- During death alternative rape, there will be some static scenes where all actors don't move.

- Genitals far apart during sex (banging the air)

- Seam/Large Gap at pelvic area.


I have the core latest files like FNIS, XP32, and ran LOOT to ensure proper boot order as well. I'm currently using CBBEv3.3 with CBSBHC-BBP-v2-4-1 on my characters. How should I go about solving those?


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