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About making custom armor meshes. Do you need to add a body mesh?


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I've noticed that the meshes of some armor mods I've downloaded don't have a body mesh - so that when the player wears the armor in-game, if they don't have the right body mod- it will just make your character invisible depending on what it covers.


I'm pointing this out because I've been using some armor tutorials from TESalliance to make my own armors, and the author of the tutorial says that if your armor doesn't cover up the entire body then you need to have  a body mesh underneath it.


I feel like I'm not explaining it very well, so here's what I'm asking: If I put my armor mesh - a jacket that covers the chest and shoulders - into the game without a body mesh; will it result in my character's body becoming invisible whenever I put it on?


My armor outfits are all separate pieces rather than being just one outfit. So would I need to put a body on each of them to make sure that it won't be invisible in game?


Again, I'm really sorry if I'm explaining this wrong.

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