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i am looking into getting a pregnancy mod. out of all the pregnancy mods, what is the best one?

The one that most satisfies you.


Okay, it looks like you're asking for subjective opinions, so I'll give you mine. Bear in mind that most of these mods are WIP or beta versions and subject to continual bugfixes and updates. Also keep in mind that several of these mods are actually compatible, in the sense that breast and belly scaling can be disabled, getting the effects of the mod without having two mods fight over node scaling.


Simple Pregnancy is, as the name implies, the simplest of the pregnancy mods. It's got some settings you can set in the MCM, but in general it's a solid mod that does what it says on the box. If what you're looking for is just pregnancy and virtual child tracking, this is the mod for you, but you should know that it does present a significant script load, though, which may be problematic for older computers or games running lots of script-intensive mods. 


Sexlab Procreation I have not actually tried, and it's a bit out of date anyway. With regard to complexity, it's sort of a cross between Simple Pregnancy and Beeing Female for its options and abilities.


Beeing Female is the most realistic pregnancy mod, with menstruation, abortus, replanishing, etc. It is very stable and generally causes no problems for the majority of users. It also has a plugin that makes it compatible with Estrus Chaurus.


Estrus Chaurus is a pregnancy mod specifically designed around getting impregnated by Chaurus creatures. It requires a lot of extra setup and has some other mods as prerequisites, and for me at least generally causes problems.


Fill Her Up isn't exactly a pregnancy mod, per se, but it is a cum inflation mod, and fits under the category because of its node scaling.


Hentai Pregnancy is a solid mod that does what it's supposed to and is still relatively stable. It also has spawned some children of its own, such as the childbirth plugin, the children+soul gem plugin, and the Hentai Milk Mod.


Soulgem Pregnancy is the precursor to Soulgem Oven. It isn't as fully featured and is generally a bit more buggy, so I'd recommend skipping right to:


Soulgem Oven has been my personal favorite for a while now. It's not realistic, but it is (generally) stable, and it does everything I want it to do, and is easily customizable.


EDIT: I forgot about Milk Mod Economy which, like Fill Her Up, isn't exactly a pregnancy mod but fits in here due to node scaling. It's a bit to much full-featured for my tastes, but it's still a decent mod and well worth looking at.


It all depends on what you're looking for.

Realism and immersion? Try Beeing Female.

Impregnated by horrific insectoid monstrosities? Estrus Chaurus.

Simplicity while not using a lot of other mods? Simple Pregnancy or Hentai Pregnancy.

Lactation? Milk Mod Economy or Hentai Pregnancy+mods.

Just a big belly due to sex? Fill Her Up.

Free soul gems, milk slaves, semen slaves? Soulgem Oven


And remember that many of them work well together. For example, Milk Mod Economy and Fill Her Up dovetail nicely. You can turn off belly and breast scaling in Soulgem Oven to make it work with any number of other mods.


Once you've gotten your pregnancy mod, you should probably look at clothing and armor that have belly scaling... what is your preferred body mod?

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