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[Idea] Dovakhin's Assent


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I thought of this last night while playing- it might be possible to parse the text of player dialogue responses and run a simple 'nod' animation if the player chooses a conversation response that contains words like "yes" and "agree".  I'm thinking this could help the player character feel less of a blank-faced, unresponsive zombie in conversations, the way the Player Headtracking mod helps bring them to life a little more. 


Maybe someone's already given this a shot and it's out there somewhere?



Musing on how a new mod that does this might work:

One would definitely want to parse the text for agreeing dialogue cues- doing it all by hand would be a hideous pile of work and you'd be left with a mod that couldn't adapt to dialogue added by other mods.


To avoid cases where the animation didn't make sense, you could start to blacklist individual lines that users report as being problematic.


And when it came time for a bit of feature creep:

You could make an assortment of nodding animations and run a random one, just for variety. Maybe choose a specific one here and there for specific vanilla replies. 


And you could look into adding another animation for 'no' responses, but these seem to come up a lot less. The Dragonborn is typically just saying, "Sure, I'll kill _____ for you, you hapless townsperson." Heck, you could add a shrug for cases where the Dovakhiin is uncertain or in the dark.


I've never scripted for Skyrim though, so I wouldn't much know where to start. I don't even know if we can parse conversation topics on the fly. But if it's feasible, maybe someone out there would like to grab the idea and run with it!

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