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Equipment can use the Hair shader


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Hey there.


I was testing a hat I did today, and I had to put hair in it due to some bugs regarding a custom race I did, the hairlines won't work very well with it for some reason.


The problem was, the hair used the base coloring of the hair texture, so it missmatched the eyebrows and the hairline below the hat.


So I thought, maybe if I make it use the same shaderproperty as a hair, it will work. These shader properties have the shader type set to 6, according to the nif forums, that's the hair shader.


So, I set it up, but it stays the same. Until I use showracemenu in the console. When I did that, the hair in the hat changed the color to what the character had set as hair color!


So, in few words, the hair shader can be used for equipment to make it match your hair color, this could be useful if we wanted to make headgears work as in Monster Hunter, where the hairstyle changes depending on the headgear.


The problem is, there's no way to make it change colors other than using showracemenu. This is a problem because that resets the face tintings and such.


A bunch of screenshots:


9cHJqs.jpg 3zGeps.jpg 9K8MDs.jpg

hwQ2ks.jpg 9XwHUs.jpg iaV0Us.jpg


Yes, the hairstyle is the same as the one in the hat, but if it was another one, the one in the hat would replace it as long as the hat is equiped. I just need to find out now how to make it automatically update the color without using the showracemenu command.


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