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(Request) Werewolf Replacer MCM (Change Replacer In Game)


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So i dont know if its possible. but i have about 30 different Werewolf replacers all of which i love but its really tedious having to load skyrim sync all 110 mods i have and take one off and put another on.


So i was wondering, using SkyUI's MCM Menu Thing. if you could make a MCM That allows you to change your WW Replacer in game. 


E.G if I had Apex Werewolf, DragonMan And A White Werewolf Replacer All Active. I Can use a MCM In Game To Switch From Apex To DragonMan Then To White Werewolf A Few Days Later. Without Deselecting Them From My Active Mods.


Is It Possible? Anyone Want To Have A Shot?

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