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game crashes on sex scenes


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hey, my game keep crashing on certain event and i am not sure how to fixs it, i tried to remove all files, and then reinstall skyrim, but i can not get certain things to happen, so i will like to ask if there a certain order you need to install files ( in case they want you to overwrite stuff ) - This is not about the order since i use LOOT to fix the loadorder.

My mods
XP32 maximum skeleton extended, alternate start,
CBBE body + CHSBHC Nude and jiggly mod
all 4 Fores new idles ( behavior, creature pack, FNIS spells and sexy move)
realistic ragdolls and force
SKSE script exender + SkyUI
and the 5 unoffical patches

This is pretty much the base so now the to sex modes,

i am trying to use, Apropos beta, death alternattive, sex defeat, fuz ro d-oh, Jcontainer + papyrusultiv. 
 sexlab aroused + ​sexlab_aroused animation
sexlab framework
HDT highheels system
ZaZ animaiton
Devious devices assets+integration and then deviously helpless, skyrim bound and deviousCaputred 

at first it did the sex scenes but then crashed on the after of the trying to be bound by devious devices. I then tried to remove them, and now it crashes everytime before a sex scene. 

and i can get it to work without deviously helpless, skyrim bound and deviousCaputred  or sexlab submit(then without sexlab defeat) but want to try thise mods out

can anybody help me with this, info about how to fix it, or if downloading the mods in a special way?

Edit, i have used LOOT and TES5Edit

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