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Help Request:Dual Sheath Redux Support for mod


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Hello ! I started a topic In Skyrim Technical Support. I got pointed towards one direction thanks to someone. it did help, it did tell me what I needed to do. Alas... I wasn't able to do it. Like last time I tried something on my own. This is the Topic afformentioned. http://www.loverslab.com/topic/38415-edithelp-requestdual-sheath-reduxsupport-to-have-two-weapons/

The short story is, I have mod that I want to be supported by dual sheath Redux, because im Using the Elin2 Mod, I have the skeleton for it and it works only for vanilla weapons or the ones that are supported. I tried, but the Mod doesn't create any folder when you install it. (Lilith's tools) Which adds a bunch of weapons. (And so does Lilith's Obliterator,(Not creating any folder for meshes&Etc) the Standalone mod for the mod I want to be compatible.)

Sooo, I either would like someone to do it for me, OR, Which I think would be best. Help me, and guide me through the steps to make this work.

Soooo... yea, for more information and such.. Go to the topic and read ? If I didn't explain clearly enough just Ask me a question about what you want cleared up.

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