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okay im still very new to using mods ive been using mod organizer only to sort my load order and ive been using nmm to download and install mods and the problem im having is the mod beastess is causing the game to crash on start up I have the latest version of all the required mods and the latest version of beastess anyone have an idea how I can fix it ?

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Crash before loading a save/new game? Run Tes5edit without picking a specific mod. It should give you an error when it fails to load something. A missing texture or some such. If it loads it is more likely to be your load order. Can't see what the beastess mod woiuld conflict with, are you running a lot of animal/creature overhauls?

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Remember to run TESV edit through MOD organizer theres a how to on the Mod organizer help pages. Also look at the information on Sexlab Beastess in the left side installation profile area. Right click on Beastess scroll to information. Select the conflicts tab in the new window. There are going to be conflicts with Actor Events, and other Animal mods such as more nasty critters. You probably want Actor events after this mod so it can control and interface with other mods. And the Animal mods before this one so it can control. You will need to figure out what works best for you by playing around with it. With MOD organizer the order of your installed MODS become as important as load order. Now load order is easy with loot. Automated sorting does not work very well for installation order.

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