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simple mod idea... butt tracking (headtracking with a few twists)

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the most perverted ones already know what im talking about...


basically, i have zero coding skills, but hear me out:


my mod idea is a mod that makes the npcs look at you, except not at your face, but at your ass! or maybe at or breasts, depends on the situation. would it be easy to make?


I haven't laughed this hard in a while.


Please, someone make this happen.

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Interesting idea.


Maybe you could change the target body part with the arousal of the persona.

satisfied : head

> 1/3-arousal : butt/crotch when looking at males, breasts when looking at women (maybe even lips but it maybe difficult to see the difference)

> 2/3-arousal : butt/crotch when looking at males, butt/crotch & breasts when looking at women (maybe look at breasts from a certain distance and look down on closing up)


And this can go both ways. A horny player could track npcs too.

This could be quite something with Immersive First Person View. :lol:


You will have to take the sexual preferences of the player into account, i guess.

Check if it could make things difficult with dialogs.


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If this was used with Aprapose it could be used trigger dialog like "hello.. I'm up here", or "[smilies] like what you see?", would be cool to trigger this effect when in the nude especially, maybe not just for tits and ass but just have NPCs really turn thier heads to look for a minute instead of just a glance as you run by.

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