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  1. Since the presentation says the use of NMM is not supported, I guess it's also the case for Vortex?
  2. Back to game, and because of the photobooth I considering making a new "Xcom Calendar", like I did in the past. You know, 12 shots of different Xcom Girls to motivate the troops 😅
  3. After saving Stranger Vill, Karen can, finally, taste the rainbow! This was made for fun. Since Stranger Ville is...well, strange, I thought it would be nice to have some colorful perverts roaming around. 😁 A big thank you to Lifeline for his group sex animations. There's never enough of them ^^.
  4. I don't know if it's the best thread to post that idea...Anyway! While playing in Stranger Ville I wondered if it would be possible to have animations using the weird plant. 🤔 You know, sucking and tentacle action. That kind of stuff, considering the plant's design. I don't even know if it would be doable tho. Screenshots of the plant, in her last stages, for reference:
  5. There's an option, in the WW menu, to disable undressing when a sex scene starts. I just made my sim wear this stupid outfit ( I chose it as a "party" outfit ) and when the scene began, I put the game on pause, undressed the female sim without touching anything from him. 😉 The bunny outfit is from the Seasons expansion pack.
  6. It's an animation, but I couldn't say from which pack it is. I need to check 😅
  7. I try many things in the game nowadays, and I take an insanely huge amount of screenshots. I just wanted to share two, right now. I also make comics when I am in the mood. It's quite entertaining to do. The first one is for fun. It's when you finally discover what your crush meant by "I have weird fetishes..." For the second shot, you need the context. With the "Get Famous" expansion pack, I focus on recreating real life people. Right now, I play my version of Daisy Ridley and the idea is "What if she did porn instead of a classic career of cinema?". The idea is to make
  8. Fuck a dog (just one), then you'll get an option saying "It's time for a bigger cock" or something like that. Click it, and the next time you visit the barn, you'll have access to horses and pigs.
  9. Do the sceenshots show everything you did, or there's more content hidden in the game? ?
  10. The new outfits and clothes are definitely awesome. It works perfectly and really add a nice, sexy touch. I don't go for "fully nude" soldiers, I prefer something more sexy. By the way, in addition to that awesome mod, I recommend this one: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1345289584&searchtext= Its content combines perfectly with Wrex's work, as you can see below:
  11. Big titted Dragunova is a great choice
  12. The mod works well with Supermutants, I didn't expect that to be honest. That's pretty fun. After all, why going for normal humans when you can get some big green cocks instead?
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