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Mini Dresses Collection for Touched by Dibella


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Hi everyone


Nice to be here I like this site more then the Nexus but the Nexus is like a necessary evil.


I use the Touched by Dibella  body mod and as the title says I was using the mini dresses collection for that mod. I had a HDD failure that wiped almost 800GB of data and I lost that mod.  I went looking for it and it seems to be gone off the Nexus now. Does anyone know where I can find it to download? Any help would be appreciated.

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You can find it here: http://modmaximus.net/load/7-1-0-4644, scroll down a bit and there will be a download link.


You are a lifesaver SoundSpark. Thanks very much. I said something on Milikdrinker's site about the collection and he removed the link so he must have not know what happened to it either cause the link was still there before my comment. It doesnt even say file was hidden by author. It just says the file isnt in their database.


Anyways thanks glad to have this back instead of those long coverup everything dresses..lol

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