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In need of some serious, serious help


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Bought Skyrim on sale just like a month ago.


I liked the amorous interaction in ME3 that's missing from Skyrim. This is my first day of trying mods, but I have to say I just don't understand it at all. I can get SKSE, SkyUI and RaceMenu to work. As soon as I try something else like HDT, MO gives me a warning about overwriting SKSE. Mo also says that UN7B, which looks amazing, is installed but how do I get it to work within Skyrim?


As you can hear I'm a total noob.


I would appreciate any help.


Btw, not gonna be in town for the next three days.





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HDT shouldn't overwrite anything in SKSE. It gets installed into SKSE's folder structure (specifically, I think, the Data/SKSE/Plugins folder) but the only things it would actually overwrite would be files of the same name within that folder. The base SKSE installation won't be overwritten in any way unless you installed it wrong somehow.


As for the body, if MO says it's installed it should be working fine. Most body replacers don't have an esp so won't show up in your load order, but its meshes should already be overwriting the vanilla game's meshes. You will only see a difference in the game, though, if the characters are either naked or you're using a clothing/armour replacer for the same body type. The vanilla outfits are shaped to the vanilla body and will "re-equip" that body when worn.

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Ah. Getting Lydia naked... I think we've all wanted that at some point ;)


Well, certain follower overhaul mods - like Amazing Follower Tweaks - allow you to manage followers' outfits and give them anything you want them to wear, including nothing if you liked. You can also use the console. Open it up (the button to the left of the 1 key, top left of the keyboard) click on Lydia and type




and hit enter. That should give you a list of everything she has. One of those items will be her armour, which probably has the code 00013952. Its code will show up in the list alongside its name. Then type


unequipitem 13952 1


She should now be wearing no main armour piece and the body you installed should appear. (This is assuming you don't have a mod to alter her appearance that includes its own body. If you want to put her armour back on, take the "un" off the start of that last command and hit enter again. It'll reappear. Also, before messing around with the console, it's best to save your game so you can reload if anything goes wrong.) Close the console with the same key you used to open it.


As for your other question, yes, as long as vanilla outfits are worn modded bodies won't be apparent. You'd need vanilla outfit conversions, specific mod outfits made for it, or to be naked to see it in action.

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