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These are in no particular order, just worth the price paid.


1. Batman:The DarkKnight Returns, yes the Frank Miller one.

Why-We see heros as alomost god-like beings, this one makes The Batman/Bruce Wayne seem mortal, vulnerable, just like you, me, the guy two doors down. And the fact argueably the best comic story ever written. Which, heh, though others nay argue the next on the list is. By right, they both are.

2. Watchmen.

Why-A great character driven story. The movie adaption was pretty good. The story itself deals agian more on a human level rather than that god level.

3. The Thanos Quest 1 and 2.

Why-There is just something cool about Thanos. Its hard to nail.

The follow up, Infinity Gauntlet is good in its own right, but going with The Thanos Quest alone is better, in my opinion.

4. Thor:Gods On Earth.

Why-Tackles the other-wise avoided topics of religion and politics, that is they hit them hed on in this story.Man, how I wish this story was dragged out for a couple of years instead of just a few months.

5. Wanted.

Why-Alot of original content, things explored never been done before. Never intend to see the crappy movie adaption. This story is highly mature, that is with mature themes.

6. Angry Christ Comics.

Why-Stories and art by Joseph Michael Linser, taken from the Cry for Dawn series. Linser is a craftsman in the form of comic art. Again this is a mature readers only.

7. Marvel Comics Marvels.

Why-Painted artwork by Alex Ross. The history of the Marvel Universe from the 40s to the 80s, is told through the eyes and experiences of Phil Sheldon, a photrapher working for The Daily Bugle.

8. Maximortal and Bratpack.

Why-Yes, I know there are two, but both go hand in hand and are by Rick Veitch. A rather dark and gritty story(ies). Taking those we know in alreday existing universes and twisting it.


May be more to come.

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