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Skyrim Simple animations.


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Okey maybe i explained it all a bit weird, What i meant was. How can i actually make a static Niff Animated in Skyrim.


Like what Programs do i need?

With which settings do i need to export it?

What do i need to edit in nifskope?


Momently i'm just setting animations in 3d's max for static models With keyframes ofcourse. 


I export them through NifTools For 3dsmax.

In nifskope itself i can see the static Model playing an animation.


I replace The BSlightning From the model with one of skyrim's models So the textures should be right after setting the paths.


But further i have no clue what to do since creation kit does not play the animation, Even if nifskope says it has one. The model remains static for in game.


So There it go's. 

Do i need to edit the animation in nifskope itself?

Do i need to make bones for the object to?


Do i need another program to make this?


All help is appreciated thanks.

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