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Anyone recognise this mod?


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Oh that adult thing is just a misconception due to where the moderators started the thread and the fact there could nsfw content in addition to other content, we discuss finding any and all mods there.


To your question, I'm not familiar with that facemod, or at least I can't say what it is at a glance , perhaps a source for the picture to get started?

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Yes. Chinese or Japanese. The creator's a real artist though. Kept the Norse feel intact - look at those brows, that jawline - this isn't just a glamour puss mod, but made the character so much more interesting than the vanilla, and more youthful.


I don't mind the tough, craggy older females, (most of my female friends and lovers fit that bill), but women shouldn't go from puppy fat to haggard with nothing in between, and most don't turn into silicon babes at 18.



PS and when I say it's art. If the maker could reproduce that in oils I for one would put money on the table to have that on my wall. (Without the cursor ;))

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Well' date=' if it's this chinese mod you are looking for, I got it. Credits to Klaus I Love You.


Thanks Xanshio, sorry to take a few days to respond but "easily distracted" tends to appear on my annual report..oh well, air traffic control wasn't my thing anyway so no regrets ;)


I do like that face set that you link and have knicked it, but I don't think that it is the base of the one in the OP. Even with morphing you can't quite see it, and the texture is definitely different. I think it might just be someone's pet project, and a nice pic that they posted. To repro it you'd need to know the exact settings, and have the head mesh and textures to hand. Whatever, the creator is an artist, I love the pic.





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