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I believe this goes here as it is adult mod related.

I have at least over 20+ mods installed and all are compatible together and I am able to play fine except for this one new problem that just came up today.

So after installing a few new mods that received updates (milk mod economy, sexlab framework, PapyrusUtil, deviously helpless), I got them working, did the usual FNIS update/check and ran skyrim through SKSE. When I was bound/gagged, I tried to talk to normal NPCs not added through mods such as the standard town soldier. But when I try to talk to them there is no text that is associated with trying to get myself ungagged. On a side note, if I was to go to Captured Dreams and talk to the Master she is able to talk to me with the silent text and what not when I'm gagged.


I'm thinking one of the updates, either sexlab framework or PapyrusUtil might have broken it somehow. Any ideas?



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