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Zodiac Companions++ Alpha Release ver.001


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This is initially based on the MOD of the same name, Zodiac Companions located in the Adult download section, Companions.


Why ++?


I have optimized the DMHHH meshes (you can locate details elsewhere on how I do this), added a FankaizhiBody.nif for use as a clothing item when armor is not being worn, added more DMHHH-based armors, which replaces the previously used and flawed Zodiac Robes, changed some hair styles and last but not least, used some of the the AI from From2ch Lives so they are no longer all bunched up in Bruma Chapel, smiling at each other like a bunch of morons. (It also reduces the FPS impact in Bruma Chapel)


There is also an added Zodiac Chest with all the armors & robes. You'll need to find it though, I'm not going to just hand it to you. Hint: It is where one of them sleeps. (The DMHHH Armors also now have inventory icons, my first attempt at creating those. Still trying to figure out how to make them appear in a chest when opended, maybe add them to a BSA is my guess...)


You recruit them via MCS. You can also use them as slaves via your preferred slaving MOD.


As noted this is an alpha release. If you don't know what that is you are probably better off not downloading it.


You can see the originating DL for MOD author credits, which is sparse. If anyone knows who they (Chinese) are please notify me here in this thread or by PM. If you are the MOD author and you would like them removed, also notify me and I will do so.



Beautiful People 2ch-Ed.esm

AIRrace Evy.esm


From2ch Lives.esp


***Edited EIDs: I decided to edit all of my From2ch Lives related ESPs before attempting this MOD, removing any that begin with a number (integer) instead of a letter. In most cases it was 000 and it is now AAA. You must use these if you plan on using this MOD! If you have already altered your ESPs, or are currently using a version that is altered you may need to re-edit them. I strongly advise checking them.


1. Backup your From2ch Lives related ESPs FIRST!!!

2. Add the EID files located in the included bash folder to your Oblivion/Data directory.

3. Open Wrye Bash and locate each From2ch Lives related ESP file that you use, right click on it and select Import, then EIDs. Repeat for all remaining ESP files. This will permanently alter you EIDs for that ESP.



The dependency on Beautiful People 2ch-Ed.esm was purely accidental while I was building this using CS/E. After numerous early attempts to remove it, with no success I've decided to release as-is, and revisit removing that at a future date. 


I'm also looking to (eventually) remove the dependency on From2ch Lives.esp, which is just for the AI portion and nothing else. I didn't feel like writing a base set of AI for these and also wanted to further investigate From2ch Lives use of AI with NPCs. This also uses AI Packages from F2LAddon_MSElves, but that dependency I was able to remove by moving the AI resources into Zodiac Companions via TES4Gecko.


I also switched the 12 companions from using the included Evy resources, to the AIRrace Evy.esm and resources I am currently using myself, as I feel they are much better texture-wise. If you don't like them feel free to change them to your hearts content! This ESM had a number of additional Coolsims and Nani hairs referenced, but you will need to install those resources yourself. See the AIREvy and/or GGC Messiah Companion, and/or the Hair MOD install and readmes for those details.


There are a number of additional resources included but currently nor previously used. Feel free to add them via CS/E. I may do so at a later date.


Zodiac Companions++ Alpha ver.001.7z 141.4 MB


(If anyone wishes to upload to another file server, be my guest. But you will need to maintain file naming and version control. I will followup with posting the alternate link(s) below mine.)


I have tried my best to reduce any errors and omissions I found during the creation of this. Please post or PM any you may find.

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