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Khajiit hand to hand animations


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People that looked probably didn't respond because they don't know. So rather than bothering you with a useless post that said 'I don't know' and getting your hopes up with an alert they just didn't say anything at all. It happens that way in most forums.


There was no way for anybody to know it would upset your apparent sensitivities into thinking you were being ignored. Besides, you posted less than 12 hours ago, give the knowledgeable ones time to do daily life/sleep/whatever for fuck sake. 


Only reason why I'm responding is because that was unfounded and rude and I'll be the bitch tonight to say something about it. There are some really nice and helpful people here and don't deserve asinine attitudes.


You've been here since 2012 for goodness sake. You should know that this community is full of helpful people if you give it patience and a little bit of time. 

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Im going to try help, no idea if its going to be useful.


Im going to assume Khajiit have their own attack animation (on my laptop so cant check). Find the said animation in the bsa, get it out using whatever your preference is (FOMM is what I use) then rename it to the default animation, and plop it where it goes in your data folder. No idea how to get it to apply exclusively to temptress, as I dont use the mod, and hence dont know if it uses its own animation path, but if you use the Exclusive PC Animation Path mod then that can apply to only the PC (http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/14871). If you dont want that on all your characters just untick/retick the esp between characters.

If temptress does use its own animations, which you can find my looking in the mod archive, just copy the attack animation in there instead.

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