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Help with Devious Assets/Body Type

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Hello there!


I'm fairly new to the modding scene (my list is mostly animations and combat fixes/adjustments) so excuse me for possibly over-thinking things and/or having some pretty noobish questions.


I wanted to add a little more... pizzazz, if you will, to my Skyrim experience, and was looking at the Devious Devices/Assets/Integration set of mods.  That said, I'm having some trouble understanding which mods, if any, I could install for my body.


I use the following setup:


CBBE  TBBP body mesh (custom)


HDT Breast/Butt Physics & Havoc Object


Which from what I've read upon is a pretty standard "custom" setup so to speak.  I've gotten this setup to work incredibly well, and have had no issues running Bodyslide2 to get CBBE/Bodyslide2 armors and clothes items to conform to my desired shape.  That said, I'm having a lot of trouble finding a HDT/bodyslide2-compatible DDA mod, and would really like to avoid downloading and installing the wrong type of mod.


My confusion stems from two places:

"HDT Body":  If I understand it right, this is another type of body like CBBE, UNP, etc.  This will force DDA to conform to specific contours.

"PSB":  Some kind of pregnancy addon to alter slidersets of CBBE.  I have ZERO desire to find myself with a bulging belly, or yet, running around as an adventurer fighting dragons and bandits while getting slashed up with a growing baby/fetus inside >.>


So my questions are, is there a mod that can let me use my body (CBBE with HDT physics) and DDA via bodyslide?  And if so, which one?





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Alot of people may argue otherwise, but CBBE body is pretty much the standard. Everything looked much better with a CBBE body over the UNPB one I was using. Just use the CBBE option when you install devious devices assets and everything should look great.

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