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Customized CBBE v3.3 HDT Body with Animate-Able Vagina - RELEASED v1.0a


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I've just uploaded this new body type that has an animate-able vagina. The body is based on cbbe v3.3 HDT body.


The mod can be found here: http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/1428-cbbe-hdt-body-with-female-genital-alpha-test/


Please help test it if you have time and report problems.


On a side note, I'm looking for an experienced modder who can maintain the mod.


What I've made that needs to be maintained:


* Customized CBBE v3.3 HDT Body with skinned female genital model that can be animated (vagina is not HDT).

* I've already made everything for Bodyslide, it merely needs to be maintained.

* Make modifications to existing incompatible animations, (easy to do I'll provide instructions, takes two seconds)

* Know how to edit skeleton_female.hkx, skeleton_female.nif, skeletonbeast_female.nif and add bone data, I can show you how to do this, it's easy now that I've figured it out.


For example FNIS Sexy move has extra bone data beyond the default 99 bones which breaks the vagina model.  However fixing this was as easy and removing all bones after the 99 count, essentially "repairing" FNIS sexy move animation, and making them compatible with any other mods in the future.




* 3D Studio max 2010 or higher

* knowledge of bodyslide

* know how to edit HKX files to provide compatible animations if any need to be fixed (easy easy easy)

* Have at least one mod uploaded already OR ...

* .... heavily active in the community

* Able to customize any of groovtama's future skeletons (I'll show you how to do this, it's easy) Hopefully once the mod is released groovtama will add the four bones that we need.




I'll give you the files, you upload them and begin running everything through beta, I'll help you.  Just give me credit and link the mod to my companion one when I upload it.


I'll show you how to maintain it.

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