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NPCs as Owned Objects?


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This is regarding the NPCs added when using From2ch Lives and add-ons.


When using FormID Finder4 in-game I've noticed that some (all?) the NPCs added by From2ch Lives have Object Ownership added to them. Some are Nine Divines, others are to a specific NPC like Talasma.


I'm probably going to want to make use of the one for Nine Divines, but they are NOT in that faction when reviewing the NPC data in CS/E.


My immediate question is where do I find and/or set this in CS/E? Also why is it important? 


I'm writing a new add-on to From2ch Lives that will add another 12 NPCs to the game with AI and want to make sure I don't miss key or essential settings. Depending on how time consuming this is I have another planned that will add another 12.

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Seems an odd way to do this (Like you, I'd use Factions) but yes, any reference can have ownership:-

(from silverlock/obse docs)


An instance of an object in the gameworld. In general, a reference has access to the functions associated with its base type as well.


Lockable, Ownable


You set it on the reference edit tab when the ref is in the gameworld.

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