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Jeebus H help with SOS HDT!


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I seem to be missing something here.


What I gots: SOS Light (for fast travel CTD issues--still working on it), HDT havoc Object for both male and female, overwritten in NMM with HDT All In One v 14.28 (who's functionality eludes me still. Even opened in NifSkope, I don't understand its necessity since neither the nif files nor the esp in that MOD seem to affect hdt).


All related HDT files within the SKSE plugins folder have the correct file structure. Male SOS Light nifs have the correct pathing for havoc object and HDT xml file pathing via NiTriStringExtraData on the NiNode branch--even tested it on the NiTriShape branch NiTri by NiTri. But I see absolutely NOOOOO difference in wang waggle dangle. (hdtM.xml).


I've adjusted constraints in JFF, learned not to mess with nodes listed as Motion Key Framed, lest I enjoy a column of infinitely stretched nuts or wang. Only Nodes marked as Motion Sphere Inertia by default seem to allow any editing sans infinite stretch. I know this because I've also made UNP base mesh from the days of yore completely HDT compatible by adding breast, prebreast, butt, pre butt nodes, etc ripped from CBBE body nifs and/or XP32 skeleton and painted weight in Caliente's Body Slide--even found that adding such required  bones in Caliente's Body Slide are exported onto the niff while exporting from said program.


I've edited hk shape radius on breast and hand nodes via JFF to properly replicate loremonger's HDT idle collision animations with absolute success--minus two fingers clipping into the breasts.


Worked around the hated torpedo boobs. Fixed pendulum tits. Fixed spastic tits. Even managed independent boob jiggle. Butt jiggle is perfect. Belly jiggle...still tweaking it. 


That being said, I can get absolutely no effect in the SOS nif, full v. or Light. Havok Path is set on the NiNode as well as correctly pathed in the String-- Data\SKSE\Plugins\hdtm.xml.


I can adjust friction, restitution, angular damping, linear damping, gravity factor, time factor, in JFF to either maximum or minimum values, save the xml and load game, and I see NOOOO change in wiggle waggle. It doesn't matter if I change a thing out side of Motion type, as previously mentioned. NOTHING HAPPENES but the standard SOS animation. I can't even stop wiener clipping into the thighs even if I change the collision radius to 1000 on thighs and/or NPC genitals bones in JFF. I've ticked and unticked various boxes in "No Collide With."




I even made sure to change group IDs on thighs to 5 "body, legs" in JFF, changed all genital nodes one by one from 0 "default" to 1 "body, main part" or 2 "body,breast, and butt," etc.




I even noticed "GenitalsLag 05 and 06" as represented in the xml on JFF don't exist on the SOS mesh, so I ripped them from the XPM32 skeleton and made Genitals 05 and 06 their children ON the SOS Light nif respectively via nifskope. Still NOTHING.


I've even merged vertices on body and schlong in blender to make a single mesh (only one NiTriShape) with success in regards to SOS functionality.


But, like I've said, NO HDT AT ALL.


I have yet to remove the BGED branch because I've seen b3lisario's SOS HDT add on, and it still retains BGED on the NiNode. While testing meshes with blender in-game sans BGED, SOS animation is still present even though the flaccid state mimics the actual erection state--due to SOS hkx. Is BGED the issue?


And last but not least, the SOS skeleton IS NOT XPM32 Maximum. All genital and Genlag nodes are present with SOS base skeleton, so I figure whether or not it's SOS vs XP32 Maximum is irrelevant. If I'm wrong, then 100s of hrs or testing has been a waste.


If anyone has taken the time to read through all of this text, which should be shorter, and quite possibly dumber, than any 6th grade essay, throw me a bone.


I don't even need a walkthrough. I just need a point at which I can start. If I see a positive result, I'll work from there.




I'm not changing all of the genital names to any breast or butt names on the nif. Done did it. They simply warp the nodes to the coordinates of the already existent skeletal nodes, and I refuse to take more time replotting them one by one just to see some crazy looking titty spider PC/NPC in a futile in-game test. 


Thanks for any (other) suggestions!  




I've checked the vertices group in blender for each genital bone: Genbase to Genitals06. All have weight painted on them already. Actual SOS function is fine.



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I have also minimized any "animation" from the skeleton by adjusting BSBoneLagController (Linear Velocity, Linear Rotation, Maximum Distance) on each of the genitals nodes to simply see if any HDT parameter edits are visible in game. NONE.


I had previously referred to edits as "editing constraints," which was a mistake. I had only been editing properties to the "Rigid Body." I have since adjusted various aspects under the "Constraints" tab and still see no change.


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