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Player/Custom NPC apperance help


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I have a mod that adds a follower that looks fantastic and I was wondering if I was possible to use the custom textures and morphs from that npc and make a custom race so I could look like him. Now I have never attempted something like this (I don't even know if it is possible), but any help or answer would be greatly appreciated!



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It's possible, and quite easy if you're using ECE.


ECE comes with it's own custom race (YgNord), that you can add any meshes and textures to and it will use them as it's custom race.



If you mean that you just want the same textures and stuff that it uses, you can just copy it's body textures into your textures folder and you'll use those textures instead. Morph wise, if you mean their exact face, that is all up to you to make yourself via RaceMenu or ECE. Unless they have a preset on their download page, you're going to have to make it yourself. No custom texture or meshes will do that for you. Crafting the face is the one thing you'll have to do yourself.

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I use the "Unique Character - Player Races" mod on the nexus to have unique textures and meshes for my character without using a custom race.

Hi bro, could you please share your installation pack of '"Unique Character - Player Races" mod here?

Now i cannot find the download sources on the nexus, thanks!

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