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Making Custom Armor with Static Meshes. HELP!


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So I recently decided to take up modding as a hobby. I tried following tutorials online but there are, figuratively 0 guides that help with the SOS body specifically. Unlike the Sundracon and FS male body which has one skeleton, SOS has a the main body skeleton and the schlong skeleton. So what I noticed is, when I fit armors to the SOS body, the schlong is missing. Do I need to add the schlong nodes in Nifskope from preexisting armor to my newly edited armor?


Also, I tried making a custom armor using existing static meshes in Skyrim such as gems, flowers, etc but when I finished putting the meshes onto the SOS body and making a skin for it, I got a error that said "Instancing Not Supported For this Action".

Note I never had this come up when I tried skin wrapping, converting to skin, etc existing armors and custom armors to the SOS body. Are static meshes different? Is there another step in making static meshes into armor?


P.S im specifically using the deathbell as the static mesh.






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