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[REQ] Humble request for all bondage/slavery mod makers


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Please institute a failsafe to remove all locked bondage and slavery restraints.


Time and time again, probably because I run multiple mods together to test, I get stuck with some form of cuff, harness, collar, blindfold, or gag that will not come off.  No matter how many weapons, keys, or tools I have in my inventory.  No matter what NPCs are supposed to be able to remove them, I keep getting stuck with some item or another that will not come off. Often, the menu pops up saying the item has been removed, but it's still there, either visible or somewhere in the code filtering animations for its limitations.


I'm not asking for a quest-stopper, as have been integrated into many such mods.  I don't want to have to uninstall or reload a previous save.  There are already excellent mods which include Safewords and menu commands to stop animations and/or return control to the player, but I can't seem to find any sure-fire way to remove lingering equipment.


I don't want to cheat, I very much enjoy playing the mods by the "rules" but a debug command for just such an occasion would be a lot simpler than first trying to figure out which mod the equipment is from (I have four versions of slaveboots in my game, for example) and then searching thread after thread for a solution.


Thanks for reading and feel free to explain it to me if what I'm asking for isn't possible.



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