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Odd problem (sideways exlamation mark)


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I really have no idea what could be wrong. :(


I'm doing a quest that you go to a super mutant camp and ask you to join their "party". After taking some drugs one of them gives me, I get fuck by one of them a couple time, pass out, and then I wake up with all my stuff gone. There's a fence around me and a couple of other women with me who are pregnant and a small cave.


:-/ Now for the odd part.

      When my character wakes up I have this i guess sign that tells me somethings wrong. Its a red diamond shape, with a white outline, and a sideways white exclamation mark. My character is literally in it. I can walk around and interact with NPCs, but its huge too.


So has this happened to anybody before? what is it?

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Guest endgameaddiction

I don't know of which mod you speak of but...


The red diamond with white exclamation means it's missing mesh. You didn't install the mod correctly or if it was installed via mod manager, it may have not installed it properly. Make sure the file structure looks right for that mod if it's not in a FOMOD package. Try reinstalling it without disabling the plugin, and then log back into your game to check if it still happens.

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