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Everlasting drama with CK and master files


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Well, I have a pretty annoying problem where I'm totally clueless about. Anybody around who has some real decent experience with Creation Kit and .esm files?


First of all, my SkyrimEditor.ini contains the neccessary line "bAllowMultiplMasterFiles=1" below [General].

Can even be proven because I'm able to load and access the DLC files (Dawnguard, Hearthfire, Dragonborn) along with Skyrim and Update esm files.


But when I try to load Skyrim + Update + let's say, Apachii or SG Hair because I'd like to give Lydia a more feminine haircut (or just cover up that ugly manly face...) or something, CK aborts the process due to loading multiple master files, just as if I didn't have the line in my ini file.

Same thing also happens if I try to load RaceCompatiblity, because I'd like to put some of the .npc presets I created into followers. But most of them use the Ashen race...


I really hope there's someone who can get a clue of this and help on fixing it.

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