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DayZ converted into the doom engine called DoomZ


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The maps and environments all look nice. The original premise showed promise.

But in the end, Day Z servers are where trolls and hacks go to masturbate.

Nine year- olds pretending to be twenty-five, and twenty-five year-olds acting like they're nine.



So, what are you?

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DayZ and its clones were always terrible. A good idea that we need in the gaming world but no one is able to pull it off without turning it into a open world Unreal Tournament deathmatch mode.


Though the idea of Doom mixed seems nice.


Surely the way to prevent it turning into Unreal Tournament / Doom / Quake 3 / Enemy Territory / Half Life / whatever other game Deathmatch mode is to turn off friendly fire.


Does that break the whole concept of the game, or does L4D2 still count as a game in Easy and Normal?

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1500 HOURS in DayZ mod

90 hours DayZ standalone but it's still in pre alpha and much is improved


Why i love DayZ specially early days  was pure open free to play survial sim with only a flare and flash light dropped on the beach randomply somewhere. At the time may 2012 it was stunned by this beautiful open world.


What i also liked was no stats no xp lvls no advatage for  anybody. Then came the cheaters/hackers and idiots and game was ruined.


Standalone is maybe less cheaters but slow process and bugs made me stop playing and im losing interest.


All who keep saying  its death match and KOS all just don't know how to play and never realy played it.


DayZ if know how is more then only shoot first ask later.



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There's a crucial difference between "What people should be doing is finding other players, teaming up, combining resources and allocating tasks based on skills for mutual benefit" and "The servers are all full of childish idiots who shoot everyone they see just because they think it's funny to spoil someone's game experience," and that difference is not that they mean exact opposite things.

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