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(REQ) Black Shark Katana


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I was wondering if somebody would be up to port this mod from oblivion to skyrim http://tes.nexusmods.com/downloads/file.php?id=40953 You don't have to worry about permissions because it originally came from a 2-d drawing of mine(... now that i think about it,i never got any credit for that) And by the way,i'm pretty sure that the one who takes the task can make a better job and do it the way i wanted: Making blade longer and with the saw-like part of the blade almost half of total length,the tip of the blade more... sharp,acute? (sorry,i don't remember the exact word right now :P) and more importantly,the handguard must look like a 8-pointed star when seen from above. This last detail isn't an essential requisite,but it would be good if the sheath could be more detailed so it doesn't look like a black sausage

Thank you for reading me and i hope someone ends up having mercy on me and making me this favor,cause i'm totally useless at modding,though i'm good at 2-D dessign.

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The concept probably needs a bit more work and polishing before anyone will be interested in porting the sword. Right now it looks like a beginner's piece for 3D modeling and doesn't really offer anything that a 2nd party would want to spend time on.


However, this looks perfect to practice on with improving the 3D model, textures, and learning how to port it to Skyrim. I could draw one of the best looking armor designs ever and still shouldn't expect someone else to do all the modeling work for me. Sometimes you just need to learn on your own.

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