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[Request] Ronzo race compatible with SoS


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Hello everyone!


I saw a few people asking if this awesome race from Final Fantasy 10 would ever be adapted with SoS.

But none still requested it, so I do it for everyone in the same case.


I think I got the permission of the author to get it adapted, as he answered the question with "LOL It is good. Ronzo have big horn!!!"

His english isn't perfect, mine either as we're both not English, but from what I can understand from his answer, he does seem to agree. ^_^


So now, the request: is anyone here skilled and kind enough to adapt this custom race with SoS? If so, I suggest to create a new schlong template, and use khajiit textures for it, even if it creates a seam.


I ask here because I have no modding experience at all, unfortunately all I can do is edit textures and only that. I tried to make it compatible myself with replacing skeletons and body meshes with SoS ones, but it wasn't looking that good. Besides I messed up legs, chest and shoulder fur disappeared as well but it was only natural because of what I did.


In the name of everyone who request the same thing, I thank in advance the person who will accept to try to do it! I can even make a little drawing for that person, as I am not that bad at drawing! :) (provided you do not ask something naughty of course XD)

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You are welcome, Jakebiobommer. Well I do hope so, but I think it won't get done after all... :/ I fear not much people are interested in making this come true.


Besides I realized something while trying to edit textures and messing around with meshes. In fact, there is a problem with shoulder fur and its alpha texture, as it is placed just at the bottom of the back... It makes editing it impossible, at least for me because it makes blocky fur on shoulders with textures of the back! >_<'

If we let is as it is, then there is a black thick line all around the waist, wich is quite a problem.


So I'm completely stuck, at least I tried, but I knew I wouldn't be able to do that. :/


And Arashi, why not about females? It may even motivate some modders after all. But it would be great to make a separate HDT version though, as not everyone uses it ( sign me in ) XD

And it looks demanding on ressources on your computer, and quite a hell to install.

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Very sorry for double posting, but is there really no one interested in doing this?


At the very least merging legs mesh from the Ronzo race with the upper body mesh from SOS would be awesome. :/

I think I can handle adapting textures myself, at least I will try again. >_<

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:/ It would have been extremely kind of you though.


Well, I would do it but then I would have to learn everything about meshing AND modding, and sadly I have absolutely no time to learn all this >_<

It looks long and hard to learn.


This is why I keep hoping someone will eventually have interest in making this, someone who already have the required skills.

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