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[Request]zettai ryouiki


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If you don't know what it is, you can google it (non-porn, but a fetish). Basically high socks and short skirt/pants to make a little bit of skin expose on the thighs.


I was trying to create it with existing mods but it's still not "perfect". Best I could to was combining Osare Maid Kneesocks and Dorothy Robes. But Osare Maid Kneesocks somehow got a terrible clipping when I move




As a noob for models, I can't seem to fix it (reddit suggested using Bodyslide2 and I did, but the result was terrible because I'm so bad). I asked to know if there is other good kneesocks/thighhighs but it seems there isn't.


So if possible, I'd like to ask someone to create this simple mod (preferrable UNP). If not, it's fine, no problem about it. Maybe someone can guide me a bit about how to effectively modify/fix the existing socks (osare kneesocks/ osare maid) so I can try to do it myself.


Thank you all.

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