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Muscle, Pony etc. What ya' think about american cars.


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So. I live in Europe. Of course, Europe is full od european cars. But... I don't really like european cars. Since i was young i was dreaming about having my own Gran Torino(like i was not enough strange girl already :cool: ). But here where i live, the muscles are hardly not popular, and expenvic in explorating. I could say this type of cars is pretty exotic. And i was always wondering what people in country where this cars was made think about 'em.  If you ever had a chance to buy mhmm... A Super Snake from 67', would you buy him? Or you prefer japanise\european style? 

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Guest endgameaddiction

I prefer classic muscle over imports, however, I do own an import that I very much cherish.


My first car was a Yellow 1970 Chevy Nova v8. I want one again. My dad owned one I drove around in Cali. His was a v6, though.

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  Having been alive and cognizant of cars since the 1960's (I was drawing pictures of cars when I was three years old)

 I'd have to say the typical American car was more fun to look at than to drive. Mushy suspension, loose steering, late

adopters of safety features (although Ford made an earnest attempt in the 50's).


 I actually own a pair of mid 60's Volvo's; one of which was purchased by my grandfather when new, and wouldn't swap

either one for an old American car. That being said, I do have an appreciation for Packards and Hudsons, and would

probably own a few if I had the money and a place to put them. I don't care much for anything newer than 1956, really.

 I like cars from the 20's and 30's the most.


 If you were to own a 70's Ford Torino, you could count on having to rebuild the carburetors on a regular basis, and replace

the water pump about every two years. It would have more horsepower than the steering and brakes could handle, but if

it's your fantasy car you love it despite it's shortcomings because you like the way it makes you feel. Oh, and the gas mileage

would be absolutely terrible; we're talking like 12-16 miles per gallon.



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