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(Solved) Attractive Nord Female (CME) Character Maker Extended


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I ended up just making a new face, that came out incredibly well, i'll post screenshots eventually.





Has anyone here made a highly attractive Nord female using character maker extended? Would you be willing to share your CME_Save slot file of her?


I'd like to use her as an alternative actor for my Katreena Darkmoore mod. She would be an alternative choice for players who want a voiced companion, plus romance, sexlab animations without any niche fetishes attached.


How to share CME character slots.


1. Navigate to Documents\My Games\Skyrim\CME_save


2. Zip up the slot file you used to save her with, example: _2_commonTriRaces.slot


3. Upload it here with screenshot from in game.


If a few people approve the look, then I'll use her as the alternative actor.




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