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A couple of questions from a newb modder


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Hey all, recently gotten into skyrim modding, and I gotta say its so much fun to get things to work the way you want it :) 


But, I have met a couple of walls..


1) Im using a COTS mod, and it works on most female children, but the adoptable child Lucia shows up with an adult face. Looks really really aweful. I have tried using NPC Editor and TES5EDIT to find her and change the given face, but to no avail. She's not showing up in the COTS esp in NPC editor nor in skyrim.esp. (atleast I cant find her under the different references Ive found for her). Does anyone know how I can fix her face? 


2) I have started learning about the files behind the faces and bodies of npc's in the game, using Nifskope and Gimp to view the .nif files and .dds files. But I wish I knew exactly what files is used and why. Is there a guide regarding this? I realize the mesh nif files for faces decides the gemotery of the face, and the nif files for bodies is the skeleton, but is it the ESP file that tells what NPC uses what meshes/textures? If so, is it possible to change this with TES5EDIT? or any other program?


3) Ive been using SexIS alot, and I really love that mod, together with CBBE, TBBP and "My Body is not Jello" it creates rather realistic sex-scenes, but does anyone know if its possible to change the animations, level and adjust the positions on NPC-only sex scenes? I know you can use 1 and 2 to adjust the actors if my character is involved, but I havent figured out how to do it with NPC-only animations.


4) If I like the faces (facegeo) of one mod, and the body+skeleton of another mod, can I combine them with a program? Ive tried copying just the ref ID face files for geometry, but I cant help but feel I miss something, because it doesnt look quite right. 


5) Physical collision with HDT physics during sex-acts, is this possible? Like when the guy is breast-fucking the girl, that the breasts will bounce accordingly? 


6) Im having troubles in general with physical collision, but I have tried the havok item, so during an idle sexy animation, I see that something is happening to the breasts, but its not right. I havent understood how bodyslide works yet, is this vital to get proper TBBP and collision to work? I just want it to look right, and like in the demo videos. Not insanely large breasts bouncing completely unrealistically


7) Is there a way with the Bodyslide program, to preview animations with the TBBP functions on a character? I see people doing this in certain videos. 


8) Is it possible to add TBBP to a custom race? If so, how would one do it? Is it as simple as to copy the TBBP skeleton?


Thanks in advance!

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