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Sexout fails

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I'm having a slightly different problem than other uses. I've scanned their threads but not found anything that helps..


basically, it worked before. Now, Sexout has both player and NPC vanish when i begin sex, and tends to dump me below the map or very near the door i entered said area after sex is done.. I get no animations, nothing.


I've installed new mods, but nothing should be overwriting sexouts animations. I cant imagine a gun or armor has conflicted with the placements (yet i cannot find the 'bodies' anywhere using the free camera sexout forces)


Any ideas? Should I post my load order?



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I have the same issue, can't figure out what is causing it on my end either, although I also have added some new mods too, but so few I can list them here and all are recently updated sexout compatible mods..


Also it puts the bodies under the floorline, if you hit the '~' key and then type in 'tfc' and then hit '~' and type that in again you'll see the animation working perfectly, but in the middle of the slightly greenish void.


Edit: Managed to fix it, if you have sexoutsex.esp in your load order, disable it. For whatever reason that seems to have worked for me.

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