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pliz how to install female bodies


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Guest endgameaddiction

disable it and re-enable it. Doesn't have to be done all too often, but that image surely indicates it's no AII installed. You might want to follow the manual install and make sure it's making the proper changes in the ini file.


If you can't fix the problem, take a look at this.

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Turn it off and then on again.  Sometimes you need to toggle it in order for it to recognize changes 


Alternatively, you've screwed up the texture installation.  Because what that is is a dimonized body mapped onto the vanilla game texture.  That either means the game is still looking first at the original BSA texture file (which is what archive invalidation fixes, it makes the game look away from the BSArchive), or it means that the texture file for the body is not there at all.  


data/textures/characters/females/upperbodyfemale.dds -- make sure that it's there.  

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