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search mod for better spell organization/interface


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Well there's Categorized Favourites, but that will involve some work to set it up to your needs, or use someone else's cfg file to get yourself up and running.


Personally I don't bother with that anymore, I take the same approach I always have with MMOs and hotkey absolutely everything, then use Smart Cast for stuff like buffs. I use a hotkey mod to allow me to modify keys  1 to 5 (so shift and alt), and I use SkyUI's favourites menu to organize my most commonly used stuff into F1 to F4 key groups.


My approach means you're having to memorize a lot more key assignments, but it makes the game feel a lot more fluid than how Skyrim would play otherwise. If you plan it out a bit, maybe have direct damage types assigned to 1-5, utility spells in alt 1-5, and very situational spells like counters, reflects types in your shift 1-5 group, plus stuff like potions and shouts assigned to mouse keys, then just play the game that way and it soon gets committed to muscle memory.


I bet that didn't help, but maybe it did. 


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