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The Five Man band


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Who's in your party, and how do they fit these character types: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/FiveManBand


I could use some advise on mine, actually. Here's what I've got:


The Hero: My character is a light armored dual wielder, but most of my combat effectiveness comes from supplemental skills, such as sneak, smithing, enchanting, illusion, etc. A Jack-of-All-Trades, not terribly effective at anything but Speech. It's because my skills are spread so thin that I need a solid party.


The Lancer: Lydia, traditional sword-and-board warrior. I think I've exhausted all the character depth I can expect from her though, so I have an eye out for a replacement. I considered Alicia Painslut's daedric half, Ali, since she has a bit of flexibility in combat styles.


The Smart Guy: Camilla, from Sexy Deadly Girls, on paper is pretty ideal for the job. But because she likes turning my meals into ash piles, I had to set her aside until I can max my werewolf perks. Also, Lydia's comments were starting to annoy me before Camilla joined the party and doubling the frequency of them. For a replacement I'd prefer a fully voiced character with more dimension.


The Big Guy: Gorr, from Interesting NPCs, loves to get up close and pound on shit. So far he's my favorite character personality-wise, and I don't have any plans to replace him.


The Anti-Chick: Sofia, a fully voiced stand-alone follower. Instead of restoration, she does destruction. Instead of mediating harmony, she's a consummate troll. When she's not trolling me or telling me about the people she's trolled, I imagine she's trolling the rest of the party. Good supplementary spellpower and range, but I'd like someone who could do a little healing. I don't know if I want to leave her behind on my first playthrough with her.

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