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Trouble with UNPB


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I know when I switched from CBBE to UNPB I ended up starting new characters. My game refused to load current characters and would just CTD when I tried to load auto and hard saves. Never figured out why.


Have you tried to make a new character and see if you CTD? And while HDT and BBP was not out when I switched to UNPB, maybe install the XP32 skeleton while your at it.

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I've swapped bodies several times on my current game: CBBE, UNP, UNPCM, 7base. I use NMM to keep all the mods for each body in separate folders and make sure to deactivate and reactivate the skeleton I'm using. The only times I were getting CTDs is when I had a handful of followers at one time. Try the skeleton, be sure to post back if it fixes your issue for others who may have this problem in the future.


EDIT: And make sure to run FNIS!

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