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Issue with ECE/Racemenu... Please help!


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Ok so I'm still pretty newb to modding Skyrim, although I am learning.. But I'm having a pretty nasty problem suddenly with Enhanced Character Editor and RaceMenu, that wasn't there before.


I was messing around and had a lot of mods installed to get a feel for modding this game, while still doing research on what I wanted exactly.  My character in game was built, had all the settings I wanted for the most part (for having just been messing around), and once I found all the mods I really wanted I uninstalled all the current ones I had to install the new ones I wanted..


So fresh mods install.. I got most of what I wanted activated, and went in game to test it out and see if it was at least working..


To put it simply..


1) My character has this big break in her neck (like a seam, but you can actually see through it), sometimes this goes away if I spam "preset" a lot.

2) A lot of the ECE functions simply don't work..  My character is pretty much stuck to one face (with a few exceptions in the presets).

3) I can't even change her nose, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't but not for more than 1 or 2 noses.  Eye color changes sometimes, and other times it gets this massively dark tint to the whole eye.

4) Expressions are ridiculously overexaggerrated, sometimes even causing proportion issues where the eyebrows and teeth go inside out or vice versa.


This is all with only 3 mods installed.. UNP Blessed body mod, RaceMenu, and Enhanced Character Editor.  As well as SKSE.


I have a feeling that the problem lies with RaceMenu for some reason.  Because when I was doing my original mod installs, I could use ECE just fine without RaceMenu.  Something I was using before (didn't even have RM then), was allowing me to use it this way.  But now whenever I uninstall RaceMenu, and go into the showracemenu to edit my character, the game crashes (or freezes until it crashes, more specifically).


As far as I can tell, RaceMenu is only for looks? And isn't entirely necessary for ECE to function (but for me, for some reason it is?) I actually prefer the default look, but with ECE added options, that I was getting before.  But whatever it takes to get it to work, with or without RM... Am I simply missing something or some other mod/fix, that isn't in the requirements, to get ECE to function on it's own?  And does RM have something to do with the above issues, or am I crazy?


I've tried deleting my ini files, folders, even reinstalling Skyrim.. So it's not that.


Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

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I'm fairly sure ECE isn't compatible with RaceMenu.

...Well that would explain a lot.


I don't understand though, I thought they were literally supposed to be used together??  I could swear I even read it on the ECE nexus mod page (although not under requirements...).  I see a lot of mods that say a combo of the two were used too, I thought?


But if that truly is the case, why is it that I cannot get ECE to work without RaceMenu?  The game loads, but then freezes any time I enter showracemenu to edit my char, or even when I start a new one.  Is there simply some other mod that's required for ECE to work, that isn't on his page's list of requirements (there are none, other than SKSE).  Or am I just missing something else entirely?


I'm so confused now :(

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Older Racemenu versions were compatible with ECE. 


Not in the later ones. So to use newer versions of Racemenu you have to drop ECE, or stick with ECE by itself. 


ECE has a lot of incompatibilities. It's possible, that ECE was hanging onto Racemenu on compatibility with something it isn't usually compatible with. 


Lastly, the freezing could have something to do with Precache Killer or something similar. Racemenu has a precache killing feature built in now, while ECE never did. The freezing could be from you loading in a bunch of hair mods and other features, freezing or crashing your game.

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Just refrain from using both at once. If you want ECE+RM's overlays, just install nioverride + some mod to apply overlays.

Those two were kinda compatible in their early days, but now it's a two competing solutions.


RM has overlays, modularity, acts as a framework for other amazing mods, haz overlayz

ECE has Vertex Edit mode... that's it.

Both include same sliders now(RM has it's own + those ported from ECE). RM will eventually get Vertex Edit too.(RM IS MY PRECIOUS!)

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Aha! You guys were right.  I feel dumb now lol.. can't use them both at the same time.  I tried just ECE and got that precache killer mod (apparently all the freezing was just slow loading all the SG hairs), works fine now.


BTW, completely unrelated question... What's the best skeleton to use for say HDT?  I feel like there's so many of them... Is there any real advantage to xpms/xp32 (I even have xp32-xpms and xp32 extension.. not even sure what the difference between the two is?), or is that one all just in the extra weapon compatibility, etc?


Would be a big help!  Thanks again.

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Actually... I'm still a little confused on that skeleton.


I have two 'main files'. One is "Groovtama's XPMS Extended", and the other is "XPMS 1-93a NMM-BAIN INSTALLER".  I know you said XPMS Extended is the one to use, but do I need both of these?  Or install one and then the other?  Or just the extended one?

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Here's the original release thread.

1.93 is a "vanilla". I'm using this one right now.

2.06 is latest... Will require an updated .xml for hdtPE it seems(if you're planning to use hdtPE).


Make sure to read the release post. If someone else asks about deleting .hkx or how to fix inwards belly, Groovtama will probably go away and start building a Death Star. Or maybe he will just explode. Or he will order his skeletons to haunt your dreams...

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