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DAYMOYL + Defeat = Issues


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I'm pretty sure I'm overlooking this solution as it's probably right in front of me, but here's the issue:


I use the Locational Damage mod, which allows critical hits with all types of attacks, even magic, that has certain effects on the player.  I was jumped by 3 bandits, one of which was a pretty skilled mage.  I took two of them out, then proceeded to chase down the caster and beat the ever-loving shit out of them.  Except there's one slight problem.  I'm on fire.  Due to the dual flame casting that was peppering me as I ran up to them.  The bandit dies and I'm taking the lingering fire damage which sends me into the 'bleed out' phase.  Since no one is around for Defeat to kick in, my character stands back up shortly.  Well...I'm still taking damage, so instead of dropping back into the bleed out, my character just stands there, locked in a 3rd person view with the heartbeat effect and pulsing screen.  Can't move, can't open inventory, etc.  Only thing I'm able to do is hit Esc and load a previous save.  Upon loading the previous save, the game just CTDs.  Viewed my papyrus log and nothing is out of the ordinary.


So, what's causing this?  Is it DAYMOL, Defeat, or something else?  I've checked my settings and things look pretty spiffy, but I've had this issue before.  It only happens after the first defeat.  Most of the time the defeat triggers properly, but sometimes my character just stands there along with whatever enemies defeated me and that's all that happens.  My only option is to load and then CTD.


Here's a present for reading my long-winded issue:




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This is normal happens to me to sometimes you triggerd with your death an death alternative scenario and the actor who should perform his move is dead. In my case I rather be still on the knee or just standing nothing happens like you with pulsing screen and heartbeat. Well I guess you could try the cleanup in defeat or the reset in the utility tab of daymoyl and see if it helps when you are in this state.

Since I'm one of the persons who saves every xx minutes its no big deal just load my old save and go again.

I don't think you can change that this sometimes happens if you find a way let me know and I adore this gif seen it before its so hilarious

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